Angelika Maria Kotzur

Founder of the initiative “El Puente Brücke Europa-Peru e.V.” and co-founder of “El Puente de la Amistad ACELPA”

The forest in my eyes

The structure of a leave resembles that of a net which provides footage for its surface and it mirrors the structure of the forest – together for more. This is what people can learn from the forest.

A liveable world

Basically all around the world, human needs can be reduced to a few – peace, belonging and abundance. How often do personal, religious and political wars destroy everything that matters to human beings?

Personally, the question of how we can help our children grow up in a liveable world is pressing for me. Earth and water have to be bought today. Piece by piece access to the natural resources of life are blocked to us. Sometimes I think about it, when I see all the Chinese with their mouthguards, how long it will take until we have to buy air…

What would change if we assumed that personal well-being and communal well-being are mutually dependent?

How would it be if, connected in friendship, we bear the good of one’s own well-being AND that of the other in the eye and in the heart?

How much more could we achieve if, instead of thinking in terms of money, we would take more care of the common good and appreciate and be respectful in the treatment of life in all its forms.

Again and again, in the last few days since I’ve been working on the homepage, I think of the free-productivity of motherhood – a buzzword of my time studying more than 30 years ago. At that time, there was some awareness that this is a little noticed and valued property of the feminine. I have the impression that it is precisely this power that unites the forest in its biodiversity. Seeing how nature transforms this free-productive force of the forest into an oversized plant and fruit, astonishes and delights.

The forest holds so much knowledge about life. Many visitors to Moteloy are amazed by the forest and its medicine.

Just as the people of the Amazon like to share their knowledge with people from the West, there is also a lot of willingness to work together to find ways to help us create a liveable world for all.

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