Asociación Civil el Puente de la Amistad

We create jobs in tropical forest conservation and biodynamic research.

The Bridge of Friendship is the name of this non-profit Peruvian association, Acelpa for short.
It was founded in 2011 in Iquitos / Peru. Acelpa currently has 18 registered members. The elected board includes:

President: Francisco Guerra Tananta
Secretary: Grecia Utia Amuño
Treasurer: Eurebet Guerra Garcia
Speaker: Milena Valles Pinche

How we protect the forest an life

Lasting improvements in living conditions must be tackled holistically and can succeed only with respect to the preservation of human natural resources. By dedicating charitable help to the urgent problems of people there, ideas for solving problems and jobs are created.

  • the reforestation of woodland
  • planting and care of precious medicinal plants and trees
  • adequate waste disposal and recycling
  • water conservation
  • sustainable, ecological tourism
  • establishment of a permaculture pilot center
  • educational events and actions for practical environmental protection

We are improving educational opportunities in the Amazon and, among other things, improving the income situation of Amazonian families.

Acelpa helps the farmers to get their papers in order so that they can keep their claim to the land. With its example, Acelpa encourages the farmers to create their own nature conservation zones and attempts to accomplish sustainable market opportunities for their products.

We create jobs in nature conservation, permaculture and biodynamic cultivation with large-scale projects in nature conservation and land purchase.

Protection of primary forest and reforestation of formerly cleared areas. Spread of traditional medicine.

We ensure intercultural and interpersonal exchange on an equal footing.

For centuries, the inhabitants of the Amazon region have lived off the forest. Hidden in them is the knowledge of keeping the forest alive. Defining community goals is a process that everyone needs to engage with. Awareness and sense of responsibility must arise if these goals are to be achieved.

Experienced instructors help define ACELPA goals and find ways to do it.