Education as key to design life

A short story:

An anxious mother came to a wise man and asked for help. Her son has such bad grades in mathematics – only in the subject of art, he would achieve the best grades.

The sage asked, what did you do with him? The woman, a very dedicated mother, told him that she had organized the best math tutor available.

The sage replied, “It would have been more intelligent to seek a good art teacher and promote his gifts. Not every person is destined to be a good mathematician.

Education is a key to a self-determined life. There are different forms of education. For example, one common form of education in the Western world is that people can learn a standardized profession that enables them to participate in the modern world as a skilled workforce.

There are many ways in which education can take place, a variety of channels that can stimulate the human capacity for education. And there are many areas of life that can be formed. Equal opportunities do not exist. But the natural gifts can be trained and can be useful in the world in which they are needed.

Permanent protection of the rainforest is only possible if people have access to information and knowledge relevant to them and their habitat.

People have always lived in the forest. Who knows better than the people of the forest how to live in harmony with their environment? Traditional communities live on tradition – new methods are being reluctantly accepted. What has worked is repeated, only slightly, if at all, varied. Knowledge is conveyed through narration, demonstration and self-awareness. At the present time, unfiltered media are gaining access to the people of the Amazon as they report in words and images and generate new needs.

Reading and internalizing content, as educated in the West from an early age, has no custom here. This has far-reaching consequences for the people of the Amazon. In addition to the great influence of the media, people can not even read such important things as leaflets, contracts and side effect descriptions. Besides the direct consequences of these limitations, the world of free knowledge is closed to them. The gap between generations, those with and without educational opportunities in the capitalist world, has increased dramatically. Fantasies about the modern world, envy and mistrust boycott possibilities of synthesis and a common healthy growth.

An opportunity would be new self-esteem through reciprocity. In recognizing their wealth of wisdom and sacred knowledge, the people of the Amazon have to offer a fabulous contribution to the world, and by doing so they will establish their place in today’s society

People from the forest for the forest – train the trainer

There are few people who have “managed” to get out, learn a trade, and find a job to generate their own income. Few of them really want to go back to their homeland, especially because it does not give them any income – if so, the work will be paid far less than in the city.

In plain language, only a few find their way back to “their” people. It is difficult to hire competent workers who go into the woods and work with a lesser known association. This gave birth to the idea of ​​offering educational opportunities that help the association to complete the tasks ahead. At the same time, this is a targeted step in the self-sufficiency of the association.

Our engineers Silvia and Wellington are people from the forest for the forest. They show the people, with their living example, that it can be done – that it is satisfying to work for one’s own people, for the good of the community. So our engineer Silvia and her brother Wellington are a role model for our people.

Traveling broadens the mind

„Traveling broadens the mind” is an old saying. A typical feature of the people of the Amazon Basin is that they did not get around as they would say colloquially. Travel in the sense people in the Westen world do was not an option. Until recently, people still lived in migratory groups in the forest. Migratory people, who had to conquer new space again and again. Due to school offers in Tamhsiyacu people have settled down. By settling down, they have little comparisons of how other people shape their lives in other places. Educational trips to other projects and other villages are part of the education plan. Here, people can compare their living conditions, get to know other realities and solutions, examine suggestions and apply them to their own situation.

Research to build awareness

Research is about developing awareness of how things work. Something that neither the colonialism nor the power structures of the church have encouraged or allowed. Since this form of scientific work has no tradition in the Amazon meeting spaces must be created that allow the following learning steps.

  • Recognizing the conditions
  • Observe how things develop under the influence
  • Discuss the influences and define new measures
  • Evaluate within the community.
  • Make findings available to a wider community

Even if many more points can be enumerated here, this must not hide the fact that it is a difficult comprehensive process for the people of the Amazon, until objective evaluation feels natural.