Partners of ACELPA

Together we are strong

Zukunftsstiftung Entwicklung

The Zukunftsstiftung Entwicklung cooperates with 84 projects in 20 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. With the support of local partners, the foundations for an independent life are dignified. Initiative people are supported in their actions for an ethical, ecological and social world – in a dialogue-based cooperation at eye level.

The Zukunftsstiftung Entwicklung contributes to building bridges between people here and there – between realities of life in different countries; Bridges aiming to improve living conditions, exchange and understanding. The focal points of the project work are organic farming, holistic health promotion, emancipatory education, people and environmental rights, the expansion of small businesses and transparent microcredits accompanied by training as well as the use of renewable energies. In Tamshiyacu, in addition to the purchase of forest land, the foundation supports the agro-ecological project and the expansion of the biodynamic educational farm.

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The Zukunftsstiftung Entwicklung issues deductible donation receipts. The Zukunftsstiftung Entwicklung is the recipient of the donation seal of the German Central Institute for Social Issues (DZI).

Rettet den Regenwald

Rettet den Regenwald e.V. has been actively involved in protecting the rainforest since 1986. The non-profit association names rainforest-destroying projects, companies and political decision-makers.

Rettet den Regenwald e.V. also supports local grassroots organizations in the tropics to prevent land grabbing, deforestation, animal slaughter / torture and environmental destruction.

Our goals

  • Stop destruction of rainforest
  • Natural habitat of humans, animals and plants preserved
  • Promote respect for human rights and land rights for indigenous people
  • Help for the victims of environmental destruction, hunting and displacement
  • Informing politicians and consumers about environmentally damaging consumer behavior

Our way of working

  • Supporting local conservation groups working for forest conservation, indigenous rights, social progress and sustainable development
  • Worldwide (online) protest campaigns against overexploitation, environmentally destructive exploitation of natural resources and destruction of forests in favor of large-scale monocultures (palm oil, soybeans, sugar cane, plantation wood)
  • Purchase and subsequent protection of rainforest areas
  • Financial aid to carry out legal action against forest destruction, expulsion
  • Lobbying and information work in Europe on European participation in the destruction of rainforests
  • Direct influence in Germany and other countries on politics, banks, investors and corporations
  • Information work for consumers in Europe who want to contribute with conscious buying behavior, protests and private commitment to rainforest protection

The association is politically and financially independent. This is achieved through a large number of individual and permanent donations from people from all over the world. Rettet den Regenwald e.V. is recognized as a Charity, donations can thus be claimed for tax purposes.

El Puente Brücke Europa-Peru e.V.

Logo El Puente

Improving the living and income situation in harmony with nature

In our opinion, living conditions can sustainably improve only with regard to the natural resources of the people there. By dedicating charitable help to the urgent problems of the people there, ideas for problem-solving emerge and jobs are created.

Our goals

  • Improving educational opportunities in the Amazon
  • financial help with vocational training
  • Improving the income situation of Amazonian families
  • Creation of jobs in nature conservation and permaculture
  • Protection of primary forest and reforestation of Purma
  • Protection and dissemination of traditional medicine
  • Intercultural exchange at eye level

Photos by Magnus Arrevad

Over the past 10 years I have shot editorial images, portraits and feature content for a diverse range of national and international companies, organisations and individuals. Recent major commissioned series have included artisanal and small-scale mining operations in Mongolia, education in Uganda, as well as cacao deforestation and agriculture projects in Peru.

Clients across the world value my work’s ability to bring out the distinct visual personality of each subject and organisation. I work towards photography that engages and pulses with emotion and energy.

My work has been exhibited across Europe and North America and acquired by the Victoria and Albert Museum in London as well as numerous private collections.

– Magnus Arrevad